Love Story - One Love

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Size: 24 x 48

Style: Paper (just the print)

Material: Paper Giclee


Love Story - "One Love"

"Our two hearts come together as one."

Love Story - "One Love" represents the union of two separate paintings (Love Story I and II) in one complete diptych artwork titled "One Love". It is an ode to how the universe and the magic of serendipity play a role in pushing two people together on to the same path of a Love-story that was always destined to happen whether they knew it or not. - Jason O'Brien

Medium: Digital watercolour painting - Procreate. Oct. 2023


PAPER GICLEE - Premium Archival Fine Art Paper Giclee

  • 24 x 48 I edition size - 250/250 paper giclee print - $250.00 USD now *$225.00 USD
  • Framing options available.

CANVAS GICLEE - Premium Archival Fine Art Canvas Giclee

  • 24 x 48 I edition size - 150/150 paper giclee print -  $325.00 USD now *$300.00 USD
  • Stretched canvas option available.

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